Make Your Own Story

One way to avoid feeling lonely when traveling is to create a story to tell or follow on your trip.  Both can add a lot of fun and can help you connect with others.  The story doesn’t have to be detailed or documented, but doing so can help keep your memories alive.  It’s something to add some pleasure and engagement with your trip.  It can also fill up time when you’re alone in your lodging at night.

Telling a story is easy when the trip is to trace your heritage.  Trace the family tree.  Make a map.  Use pictures to show connections.  Do photo comparisons between then and now.

Some stories slip up on you without being planned.  On a trip to France, I realized I kept stumbling on to places associated with Joan of Arc.   Keeping track of them made the trip more of an adventure and gave it a running joke.

A great way to create a story is to bring something with you to photograph along the way.  Flat Stanley, the original photo bomber, has been around the world many times.  A friend takes his toy Gumby with him everywhere.  My favorite is to take some kind of inflatable toy and shoot it having my vacation.  This has special benefits.  You never have to worry about finding someone to take your picture somewhere.  You also attract attention and get to meet people.  The first time I did this, it surprised me how many people wanted to have their picture taken with my big, blow up cow.

elsie 3  elsie 2

In those days, the only way I had to document it was to put my prints on paper.  With today’s digital tools, it’s easy to create a photo book to tell your stories.  My personal favorite is the tool offered by Shutterfly.  You can even create a book for you iPad.  Photo books make a great way to share you photos and their story.

However you create or tell your story, whether it’s just for your own enjoyment or to share with others, I’m sure you’ll find it enjoyable.  I’m getting ready to pack an inflatable dolphin for my next trip.  If you’ve ever created a trip story, please share it with us.